Climate change is felt worldwide to a greater or lesser degree, and is one of the biggest challenges humanity faces. The climate is getting warmer and pollution is increasing. It is particularly the poorest countries that are most exposed to climate change. Trees have been cut down without planting new trees, and this results in climate changes which can have extensive consequences for many people throughout the world. Drought, floods and other weather changes make their mark. It is feared that the number of natural disasters will grow further if we do not make an effort on a global scale.

The widespread poverty means that it is often difficult to take action against climate change, but now there is a country that, at government level, has decided to plant billions of new trees to counteract climate change. Come, let’s lend a hand because planting trees in Pakistan will not only benefit the local people. Planting trees in Pakistan will benefit the entire globe! In many countries, the forest area constitutes a fraction of the area corresponding to the international standard of 25%. Charity For Life will make its contribution to combating climate change by making an effort to plant new trees.

Examples of types of trees that are planted.

  • Common woods
  • Indian Beach Wood
  • Indian Lilac Wood
  • Arabic Tree/Kikar
  • Pine/Cheer