UN Sustainable Development Goals

Vulnerable children, women and men need your contribution – now more than ever!

For just £235, you can feed an entire family for a whole month.

For just $1,200, you can secure education for a child including books, uniform, writing utensils and a meal.

Charity For Life works with 7 out of 17 SDGs. In this way, we contribute to a sustainable development that we can achieve together. We all have a duty to contribute to sustainable development.

Poverty eradication remains one of the biggest challenges on a global scale. The number of people living in extreme poverty has halved, but too many still struggle to meet the most basic human needs. Charity For Life wants to be part of this development. That is why we have launched a number of initiatives to ensure that as many people as possible are lifted out of extreme poverty.

Charity For Life ensures the survival of people through the distribution of household kits consisting of basic food items.

Healthy lives and well-being is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. An integrated approach is essential for progress across the different goals. Charity For Life establishes medical camps where people receive medical treatment and basic medicine. Charity For Life also sends refurbished hospital equipment to hospitals that do not have sufficient hospital equipment or their equipment is worn out.

Water scarcity affects around half of the world’s population. This is an alarmingly high number that is expected to rise as global warming due to climate change.

Clean water is essential for human survival and also plays a major role in human health. We install clean water systems in vulnerable areas where there is drought or contaminated water.

Many countries are close to depleting their sources of renewable fresh water and must now rely on alternative sources. Drought and desertification exacerbate these trends. Charity For Life installs clean water systems in vulnerable areas where there is drought and/or contaminated water. Where electricity is not available, we ensure electricity supply via solar panels.

More and more people are getting an education, but we must help ensure that ALL people are offered basic education. We must help ensure that ALL children go to school and have an opportunity to get an education. In many cases, a good education can be a viable route out of extreme poverty for entire families. Charity For Life has several initiatives to ensure that children and young people can get an education. We sponsor education at schools and even mobile schools that take the school to where the children need it.

Although many people have improved access to water and sanitation, dwindling supplies of clean drinking water are still a major problem. Every continent is affected by this sad development.

In these times, we are experiencing drastic consequences of climate change. Unfortunately, greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, and emissions today are more than double the 1990 levels. Global warming is causing long-term changes to our climate system. Therefore, the earth is threatened with irreversible consequences if we don’t act now. Charity For Life will contribute with tree planting as a safeguard against flooding, rising temperatures, landslides, pollution, etc.

(WASH) programming to protect everyone’s long-term health.

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