Dates for Palestine


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  • It is Sunnah to end the fast with dates
  • All profits go UNCUT to charity
  • Medjool dates are from Jordan
  • Tasty & healthy Medjool dates
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When you buy these date lollies, you help Palestinians in Gaza.
The beautiful date lollies contain a large pack of healthy, sweet and tasty Medjool dates (820 grams), a flyer describing Charity For Life’s work. You also have the option of choosing an Islamic-inspired booklet for children. Healthy and described as “nature’s power fruit”, Medjool dates are low in fat and full of nutrition with vital vitamins and minerals, natural sugars, carbohydrates and fibre, providing slow and sustained energy. Medjool dates are the perfect food for Muslims who fast from sunrise to sunset – from the first meal, Suhoor, until sunset, when they break their fast with Iftar.

“When one of you fasts, he should break his fast with dates,” said the Prophet (saw).

The dates come from the area around the Jordan River (the Jordanian side) and are of a very high quality. Every year there is a rift about the popular date sweets. As usual, all work is carried out by passionate volunteers who ensure that all profits go UNCUT to charity.

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