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Education and training

Education is the key to getting out of poverty. With the right skills, people can be empowered to be independent people with the ability to live a dignified life without being dependent on other people.


Surroundings also need to be proper to make learning effective. Buildings as well as furniture, access to clean drinking water and toilet facilities must be in order. Charity For Life wants to help the most vulnerable children. An education that can change their future and that of their family.

Charity For Life provides a number of opportunities to support school projects. In schools, it’s not just a question of teaching. The environment must also be in order for learning to take place, such as furniture, books, clean drinking water, proper sanitation, etc. Below are different options for sponsoring sub-projects in schools.

We aim to provide children with a free one as much as possible:

  • Education and training
  • Uniform
  • books
  • school bags
  • writing utensils
  • a meal
  • outreach and counseling to families about the importance of education for their children

School for slum kids

This school is located in the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. The children come from the city’s slums and are often children who have been without real schooling. The children and their families have traditionally lived by begging on the streets. The children are usually older than other children in the same grade level and use language that makes it difficult to interact with normal children. With an education, children can break the negative social legacy.

School for girls

The girls’ school is located in a remote area of Rahim Yar Khan in Pakistan. Unlike in cities, there are traditionally not an overwhelming number of girls attending school in rural areas. Charity For Life supports the school with everything possible to ensure that the girls receive an education in a safe environment. Charity For Life will play a positive role in ensuring that the girls eventually become an active and valuable part of society.

School for workshop children

If the children can’t get to school, the school comes to the children. Children working in workshops do not have the opportunity to go to school. The families’ meager income means that they are also dependent on their children’s income. That’s why Charity For Life has set up school buses to educate these children. This way, children can get a basic school education where they learn to read and write for a few hours a day.

Help us with a donation every month!

With a fixed monthly amount, you can ensure continuous help for a child to get an education to secure their family’s future!


DKK 100 Every month
  • Quality training
  • Transportation to/from school
  • Writing tools
  • School books
  • -
  • -


DKK 130 Every month
  • Quality training
  • School uniform
  • Transportation to/from school
  • School books
  • Writing tools
  • A meal of food


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Uddannelse er vejen til en bedre fremtid for det enkelte individ og familien.
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